Pocket Verites

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$40 ea. or 2 for $75 + Shipping


You hand the spectator(s) 32 film poster trading cards. You then turn around so you can't see the cards.

The spectator shuffles the cards, looks through them, and then chooses any one.

While holding the selected card, they are asked to read the list of film titles on the back, aloud, IN ANY RANDOM ORDER.

Without looking at the card, you know exactly which film(s) they are thinking of!

Do it once or twenty times - it never fails!

As an alternative, you can draw or describe the visual image of the film’s poster instead of just naming it.

Get Pocket Verite and start reading minds today!

2 versions available:

Classic Film Verite or Horror Verite.

  • Vest-pocket size
  • Printed on trading card stock
  • Each set consists of 32 film poster cards
  • Comes with a handy pocket wallet
  • Incredibly easy, but diabolically effective
  • Feels like TRUE mind-reading