Who is Eric Ross?

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Eric Ross is a Circus Sideshow Performer and Award-Winning Magician.

Circus Sideshow

Eric performs a variety of both classic and modern Sideshow stunts, including a needle act (Fakir) in which he is piercing multiple parts of his body with stainless steel skewers (with little to no blood extracted) including, but not limited to, the center of his hand, the center of his bicep and the mandible of his jaw.

Eric is also known for the feeding tube act, also known as Gavage, invented in the 1990's by Matt "The Tube" Crowley. Matt has passed the torch onto Eric. The act consists of Eric ingesting 7 ft. of feeding tube down his nose and all the way into his stomach, the opposite end of the tube is attached to a giant hand pump. The pump is filled with 40 oz. of beer, Pepto, Hershey's Syrup, and Ketchup. The cocktail is then pumped into Eric. Just when the audience thinks the stunt is over, the bile cocktail is extracted (reverse pumped) out of Eric and shots of "Bile Beer" are offered to the Audience. Yummy!

He also performs many more classic and modern sideshow stunts including The Human Blockhead, Drill in Face, Glass Eating, Face in Glass, Eyelid Weight Lifting, Fire Eating & Breathing, Sword Swallowing, Balancing a Running Lawnmower on his face and much more!


Eric specializes in Close-Up Magic, also known as Street Magic. He utilizes everyday objects such as playing cards, borrowed coins and jewelry to create intimate miracles for laymen and celebrity spectators alike. He has traveled across the world performing his style of Street Magic for many people and corporations and has appeared on multiple television and talk shows worldwide.