Magic Marker

Spade Divider

$15 + Shipping

The spectator is handed a Sharpie marker and asked to pick a card from the deck of cards. The selected card can be signed if desired. The card is remembered then placed back into the deck.

The spectator is instructed to wave the Sharpie over the deck of cards.

The magi takes a couple guesses at the card, but fails to find it...

Just when the effect looks like it may have hit a dead end, the magi asks that the attention is adverted toward the Sharpie. The spectator sees the name of their card printed on the Sharpie!

What makes this different than all other magic markers on the market is that this is the ONLY one that allows the magic moment to happen IN THE SPECTATORS HAND. No awkward Paddle move or switches!

This works on pure psychology and hits 100% of the time!

  • Self Working Gimmick
  • Easy to perform
  • No angle Issues